Worker's Compensation
We all strive for excellence in preventing work-related injuries and illnesses, but they still happen from time to time.  We at Bourgeois Medical Clinic are prepared to handle your worker’s compensation injuries and illnesses by having a fully-equipped, fully-staffed, state-of-the-art clinic with four physicians very knowledgeable in occupational medicine and OSHA recordability.  Our staff members work very efficiently at preparing the employee to be seen and in carrying out physician orders afterwards.  We are committed to providing excellent care to injured or ill workers in a timely manner, enabling the employee to return to work as soon as possible.  Frequent updates from us to employers assist with a smooth transition back to regular duty if duty modifications are required.
Services Offered
Substance abuse screens                                          Assessment & treatment of injuries/illnesses                     
Medical Review Officers                                              After hours call - call to arrange               
X-ray services                                                                 Fitness for duty evaluations after injury or illness                 
Suturing                                                                            Whirlpool/debridement           
Simple splinting/casting                                               Chemical exposure assessments    
Foreign body removal from                                          Pulmonary function testing
    eyes/rust ring removal                                              Audiometry               
Vision screening                                                             Bloodwork/Laboratory testing

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